Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)

Drum roll… to your positions… on your marks… get set…

The race is ON!

Our 10th birthday party is on the 31st of May.

From NOW until then, people who subscribe to our ‘6 Minute a Day’ course for £10 a month will ALSO get FREE access to our £240 ‘6 Month Welsh Speaker’ course…


ONLY if they’ve been referred by someone else. ONLY if they write a name (ideally yours!) in the ‘How did you hear about SSiW?’ box when they sign up.

So what do you need to do?

Just post your name (or pseudonym!) in THIS thread - so we can contact you to send you your prizes.

Tell people about this pretty GIGANTIC offer (our biggest discount EVER) (send them to

And tell them to put YOUR name in the ‘How did you hear?’ box.

Here’s what we’ll send you:

If 1 person signs up with your name: a signed Welsh language CD (not by Bryn Fôn, however much I like his stuff)

3 signups: a signed Welsh language book (AND the CD)

5 signups: a nice bottle of wine (from Pant Du, unless they run out) (AND the book and the CD)

7 signups: a 70cl bottle of Penderyn whisky (AND all the previous prizes)

10 signups: an invitation to a small, private dinner party (3 course meal in a nice restaurant) with Catrin (I’ll be there as well, but I think everyone knows Catrin’s the nice one…:wink: ) - maximum of 10 people per dinner party, so we can really get to know you (and all the previous prizes!)

25 signups: a guaranteed free place on a Bootcamp of your choice (transferable, if you want to give it to someone else) (yes, AND all the previous prizes!)

50 signups: a week at Nant Gwrtheyrn (with a full schedule of lessons if you want - also transferable) (yes yes yes, AND all the previous prizes, INCLUDING the Bootcamp :slight_smile: )

Hang on, we haven’t finished. Apart from the above, ‘get there and you’ve definitely won them’ prizes, we’re also going to run a leaderboard.

The person with the 3rd highest number of new learners wins: a mystery weekend tour (with a night’s B&B) in Nia’s campervan (the GyrraFan!) - a stunning opportunity to immerse yourself in high-speed natural Welsh, meet fascinating people and go to lovely places… :slight_smile:

The person with the 2nd highest number of new learners wins: a full week in Llandysul, staying with Dee, and getting to practise Welsh all day with Dee herself - or even, if you’d like, to do an actual 5 day intensive with Dee (the ones we now charge £2.5k for) - and an evening meal out at some point during the week with Iestyn and Cat!

The person with the highest number of new learners wins: a week for 2 in Portmeirion (and an evening meal out in Castell Deudraeth with Catrin, but you’d better believe I’ll be tagging along for that as well!)

Wait, hang on, not finished.

Let’s get off to a flyer.

The FIRST person to get to 10 referrals wins 2 tickets to see the Manic Street Preachers on their 20th anniversary ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’ tour - in Birmingham, on the 23rd of May (stalls, standing).

Quick recap:

FREE £240 6 month course with every new ‘6 minute’ learner WHO PUTS A REFERRER’S NAME. Just until the 31st of May.

Put your name in this thread, tell people about the offer, and tell them to put your name in the ‘How did you hear?’ field when they sign up. [Send them to]


We’re going to be helping you to win.

We’re going to be advertising on Facebook, and telling people that the ONLY way they can get the free bonus £240 course is if they put one of the names in THIS thread in the ‘How did you hear?’ field.

So SOME people who just post their name in this thread and do literally NOTHING else will still win some of the prizes… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, that’s it.

Time to start spreading the word! Good luck!

And first step: post your name in this thread…:slight_smile:

On your marks… get set…

GO!!! :slight_smile: :heart:


“Cai Novem” here :smile: I’ll see if I can find some people…

Edit - If you’re just browsing this thread looking for a name, pick someone else (I was aiming for the wine) :blush:


We’re going to be starting to promote this on Facebook today, and pointing people at this thread to choose a name for their ‘How did you hear?’ field - so the first few people to post their names in here will get more bonus signups than anyone else.

Also: I recommend a full name, so that we don’t end up with doubles not being counted properly.

So ‘Cai Novem’ instead of just ‘Cai’, for example… :slight_smile:

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Right, thought of that right after posting :blush: I’ll edit it!

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Fantastic idea da iawn!
David Usher


Diolch, David! If you’d like to take part, do please put your name in the body of your post as well… :slight_smile: [Plus you’re more likely to get people who come here from ads choosing your name, then!]

Either Chris/Christopher Parker or some variant on hectorgrey.


Jenny Liddell
Hope you get lots of sign ups!

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Just liked and shared on FB for you … Catharyn Edwards :grinning:

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Good work that man, shame it can’t be back dated. :+1:


(Surely you’ll know who that is.)


I’m just working on that Bryn Fôn CD…


Shared & liked. Looking forward to having even more AMAZING people join us on this journey!

Gareth Fletcher

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Alex Clewett if you’re a teacher in North Wales please use my name when you sign up…

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Good luck. Hope many do sign up. Chun Kit Poh

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Here’s hoping it goes well!
Richard Buck
(‘tortipede’ on Twitter)

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Schwmae! Fy enw i yw Carolyn Ayer :slight_smile:

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Great idea!
Maria Cronje

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My sister-in-law has just signed up and given my name but can’t see anywhere about having access to the 6 month course as part of the offer ?

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Great idea, Aran. I’m sure that it will go well.
John Young


We’re hard at work to automate that, but in the meantime if she just pings she’ll be given access - we see her in there safe and sound… :slight_smile:

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