Sgwrs 28 (Advanced Content) Spoilerrrrs!

Ok, so again this week it’s someone you’ve heard before - Rownd a Rownd actress Leisa Gwenllian, this time talking about theatre. Enjoy!


Leisa has a lovely, clear voice, as you would expect from an actor :slight_smile:


Yes I really enjoyed that. Leisa is very articulate and speaks very clearly doesn’t she - I wonder whether she has had a lot of training on the way she speaks or whether it’s natural?

Whilst I am from the south and did the southern course I do like this accent…for some reason I really noticed the trill on the ‘r’ which seemed so natural/ impressive - I don’t have a problem with pronunciation generally but don’t really have that - hmm might need to work on that. :thinking:

I am very pleased with my understanding on this one as I think I would have been hopeless on this a short while ago - and I had a very good general understanding on first listen :+1: thumbs up for the process.

On going through the transcript I had very few scribbles except for a paragraph where we were interpreting and emotional and talking about contemporary literature and poverty. There was cruel treatment of a character who was basically sound. It is interesting that on listening I managed to squeeze through this paragraph without thinking it was a disaster zone - I somehow got the gist…odd.

So overall - really pleased with that. A real boost. I really feel that the process - which has been tough and relied on your hard work for sure - is working.

Thank you one more time @beca-brown - I even understood a few words that you said this week! I must be making progress :wink:

( Surely with Leisa’s experience at her age she would be shoe-in for a place a college?!!! :open_mouth: )

Rich :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Glad it went well for you!
I think the clear diction is partly natural and partly taught - her drama teacher (Cefin) is very big on diction! There is tendency for some actors to think speaking naturally means being unclear and muttery, but acting is a representation of real life, not an imitation…
Glad you enjoyed it.

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