Sgwrs 22 (Advanced Content) Spoilerssss

Hi all! Well, a bit of a treat this week. Any fans of Half Man Half Biscuit out there?! Any Datblygu fans?!! (Here’s looking at you, @gisella-albertini!) - this chap is one of our iconic Welsh punk rockers, who is also an expert on Welsh history. Quite fascinating. Enjoy!


Heyeeey! Great choice, @beca-brown! :wink:

p.s. Yesterday evening I went to see Mike Leigh in person talking about his new film and see the film (actually off topic, but both totally worth it). Ended up going to sleep quite late and would NOT be ready to listen to a Sgwrs in Welsh at this time of the morning but…I will make an exception!!! :star_struck: :sunglasses:


Wonderfully clear speaking voice. Very easy to follow. Kind of reminded me of hearing Alice Cooper speaking for the first time, in that the voice did not at all match what you might expect from their music.

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He’s a broadcaster, so I suppose voice clarity is his thing. Such an interesting guy isn’t he.

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Very clear pronunciation indeed. Actually I had heard him on the radio before, so I knew. It was very interesting as expected - and compared to the radio, I have transcript and translation that’s a whole different thing! :slight_smile:

At first listen it still doesn’t make a huge difference for me at the moment, because it’s the general vocabulary I’m still lacking.

However, being a more familiar topic, I could understand most names and even notice that there’s one missing in the transcript: Ari Up (when he lists names of punk rockers).
I don’t know if such an opportunity is ever going to present again, so I have to say it! :rofl:


Hahaaa! I probably missed it due to my ignorance of the subject!


Here’s the interview Rhys is taking about with the Half Man Half Biscuit chap. It’s in Welsh of course, but see how you go with it.


Just listened. I think I understood most of it - probably because I was primed by your scwrs!

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Excellent! That’s why I put the Sgwrs up first!

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Oh :neutral_face:

An interesting week again - anooother week with limited chance to listen - maybe the new normal :thinking:

Slow speech - yes - but not so easy to understand :open_mouth:

I got that sense again that there weren’t many words I didn’t know (if only I could catch them) so I listened over like last week.

( I have been through the transcript this evening and it is true - there are only a few words I don’t know - not show stoppers. )

I have gradually understood more and more but it hasn’t been straightforward.

I think it’s because the sentences are sooooo long - I think there are 8, 9, 10 clauses in the first 3 sentences - and that’s just for starters! It’s possible I have a little buffer that overflows in my head :smile: I’ll remember this situation for when the next person mentions long sentences in the lessons :crazy_face:

Great practice. Everything feels like progress to be honest,so it’s all good! :smile:

Just in time for the next one!

( Diolch unwaith eto!)

Rich :slight_smile:

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