Session 44 'sign' moyn?

there was something unfamiliar and unexplained in session 44:
“I don’t want to give it to him” SIGN moyn?

Pehaps you can recommend a site or publication that provides a general overview of verbs?



Hi @roel-1

Sa i’n (or Sai’n) is the same as…

dw i ddim yn (or dwi ddim yn )

It tends to be used more in the south and west but is understood everywhere of course.

Personally I used Gareth King’s two short and plain speaking books Basic Welsh and Intermediate Welsh when I went through the course.

They are good because they have short and simple chapters about specific things…with examples.

Rich :slight_smile:

Image of books here


Session 44 @roel-1? If SSiW, you may have lost me on that one… Level 2 challenge 19 includes sa i’n moyn in the example sentences below the new vocab, but if you look back, sa i was actually listed back near the end of level 2, challenge 13 (and features in the new vocab list).

However, looking back at my own notes - afraid I’m one of those who does make notes after sessions… - I noted that sa i wasn’t used in challenge 13, and dw i ddim yn moyn was used instead. Subsequently noted - “see level 2 challenge 19”… Perhaps something to tweak @Deborah-SSi? Listening back to the start of challenge 19, it just gets used - so guessing it just sparked a memory of unused vocab from the earlier challenge for me when that happened…


I’ll have a look, but we haven’t had many people ask about it, so it doesn’t seem to be tripping many people up.

It first appears in L2 second listening practice - I took it as permission to use it myself and not having to drag out the long-winded ‘dw i ddim yn’ every time.


Thank you Rich and Ann-6,

I didn’t recall hearing or seeing it referred to previously. I did however in the mean time order one of Gareth King’s grammar books. The joy of lock down: unabashed book buying!