Sentence Swap Partner Needed

I am on level 2 ,challenges 7 and 8 and looking for a sentence swap partner.

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Did you find a partner, Rob? I’m a couple of weeks ahead of you I think but I haven’t actually done the sentence swaps yet. Would be happy to be your partner if you still need someone and we can find a good time for it.

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Hi Ian. No not had any other response. Would be pleased to sentence swap with you. Could you make late Sunday afternoon? Assuming you’re in the UK.

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Hi Rob, for some reason didn’t see a notification to say you’d responded until today, sorry. If you would still like to do sentence swaps (and - spoiler alert - conversations in coming weeks) I would be pleased to be your partner. Let me know when is good for you. My schedule is a bit crazy as I’m juggling children most of the time but I’m sure I can squeeze in 5-10 minutes sometime!

Hi Ian. Thanks for the reply. Yes I’m still in need of a sentence swap partner and for this week now a conversation. Scary eh? My schedule is quite tight too but during the day between 10am and 1pm is ok. Most weekends are ok and Monday or Wednesday evenings. ( I’m in traditional classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.) Hopefully at least one of those will fit in with you. Let me know.

If anyone is looking for someone to listen to their sentences, Bronwen on Welsh Speaking Practice is always happy to oblige. This is a recent post from her:

I always said that speaking to 100 different people on Slack wasn’t a challenge, although it would be fun to achieve it. But now that I’ve spoken to 95 people, it’s definitely a challenge, and one I’d like to complete before Christmas. So if you’re thinking about having a first chat with someone, I’m here every Thursday for 2 hours in the morning and evening, and happy to talk to people outside those hours if you let me know beforehand.

If you’re not already a member of Welsh Speaking Practice, send an email to and we’ll send you an invitation to join it.

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Hi Rob I need to swap some sentences. I’m on the Southern course.

Hi Claire, me too. I would be pleased to do a sentence swap with you. When is your best day and time? I can do skype or whatsapp.

That’s fab Rob, Sunday say 3:00 or Wednesday usually about 6:00 is good. Not sure if I can use Skype I’ll ask my hubby when he wakes up as I’m not a fan of technology.

Hi Clair. Tomorrow at three o clock sounds good to me. Do you have what app on your phone. That’s probably an easier alternative than having to install Skype on your computer. But if your husband can do it that’s fine. I’ll leave it up to you.

Lol am my mobile is arcahic so going to have to install Skype. Hopefully it will work. We’ll do a test this morning & hopefully fingers crossed I’ll be able to speak to you at 3:00.

Right it’s all set us so fingers crossed It will work today. Here’s the link I think it is.

Hi Claire,
Tried calling you several times on skype but no answer.

I need to do sentence swaps too. Ive just done level 2 challenges 7 and 8 if you fancy swapping sentences

Although I’m on North course :frowning:

Hi Joanne,
I’m on southern course but would be pleased to do a sentence swap with you. When are you available? I can do Skype or Whatsapp.

I’m available tomorrow and Thursday evening after 7.30 if that’s any good?

WhatsApp is probably better for me as installed the Skype update this evening and it’s messed everything up. Looking at Skype reviews it looks like lots of people are having issues with the latest update

7:30 tonight. Speak then.

Sorry I meant tomorrow night.