Searching for a good name

Can anybody help? My grandson ( Belgian) has a little group 6 boys gitars violine etc.
Now he wants a name for this group but it has to be a Welsh name ( why I don’t know because he doesn’t speak or understand any Welsh ) Any suggestions?
thank you!

Ffidlwyr Fflemeg? (assuming they are all Flemish, of course)

thanks Louis, that sounds ideal for me, I still look for some more suggestions as there are 6 boys and they all have to agree, but this is a good start and thank you for answering.

By analogy with that brilliant Choral group “The Sixteen”, what about “Y Chwech”?

chwe chwaraewr?


chwe chwaraewr chwerthin?

You can see where I’m going with this!

thank you Huw en Ian too, I’ll pass the suggestions and yes I see where you are going with the
chw-chw-chw; I have given my Welsh English dictionnary to them and wonder with what those boys will
come up. I myself had been thinking of " Y Chwech" as well.

I’ve always thought ‘Ffisigora’ (ffisig orau) would make a good band name (ever since I found an old medicine bottle with it inscribed on!), as - along with laughter of course - I think music is a ‘best medicine’.

thank you Siaron, I like that too, I will pass it on straight away.