Script-writing opportunity

Ever fancied yourself as a scriptwriter? There is an opportunity going called “It’s my shout” where they are looking for new ideas and encouraging people to have a go at writing a script for a short film.

The successful writers will be chosen to work with It’s My Shout, BBC Cymru Wales and S4C to develop a ten minute script each. The writers will receive industry mentoring and script work-shopping. The script will be developed and produced before being broadcast on either BBC Cymru Wales for English language films, or S4C for Welsh language films. Selected script writers must be available for regular script development meetings in Wales throughout pre-production, (intermittently during April to May 2015). For Welsh language scripts the devlopment process will be in collaboration with a Welsh community, as well as through workshops and script-writing mentoring.

A script based on an SSiW meetup perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Worth adding that It’s My Shout is particularly orientated towards younger people and has a pretty strict geographical remit - people who are currently living in Wales only.

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Are you sure Rob? I haven’t looked everywhere on the site but it doesn’t mention age on the ‘Get Involved’ page (unless I can’t see what’s in front of my eyes) but it’s not restricted to those currently living in Wales as long as you were born here.

Since we are looking to reflect modern Welsh communities and culture in the widest possible sense – strong Welsh connections are important. Applicants must either have been born in Wales, or be current residents.