Scottish Welsh learners meetup

That would suit me fine. Was there a certain place to meet up you were thinking of?

I daresay we’ll never find a time that would suit everyone, but I wait in anticipation to see if I can fit in. And if not this time, then maybe a next time. It would be quite novel to speak welsh in Scotland.

Hi Juliette
I don’t live in glasgow so I would be happy to fit in with any local recommendations?

I will be in glasgow quite a lot during February. Are there any days/ times that would be convenient for you?

Hi Sharon,

I’m so sorry about this but could we meet another time soon? I’m going through a bit of a difficult break-up and will be staying in Edinburgh for a few days this and next week.

So sorry to hear you’re having a tough time, Juliette - hang on in there - and remember that even when it doesn’t much feel like it, you matter more than you realise to a lot of people (we all do).

Diolch yn fawr, Aran. Dwi angen i glywed 'na heddiw! :slight_smile:

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When you’re under attack in any way, it’s always dangerously easy to feel lonely and vulnerable - largely because the brain always focuses on danger (concrete or abstract) more than on the positive emotions that can and will help you get through.

Sometimes you can trick your brain into focusing on the right stuff by doing what feels like silly things - like sticking up photos of all the people you love (or even just their names written large on a piece of paper) in one particular place, and then spending a couple of minutes looking at them when you’re really hurting.

You WILL come through this. There WILL be easier days. And you WILL spend time in the future with people who appreciate and value you for who you are.

I know this is just ‘a stranger on the internet said’ stuff, but:

You can do this. :slight_smile:

And remember - as you’ve already done - that this forum is a real community, not just a study group - and we look after our own - so any time you need a cheerleader or two or just some people to listen, there’s a seat in the corner here with your name on it… :slight_smile:

Hi Juliette
Thank you so much for letting me know – it was really kind of you to think of me when you have so much else happening and I very much appreciate it.
I hope very much that you find all the support that you need for this time.
Thinking of you.


Sharon - I’m available many Sundays around midday, with advance notice Saturdays can be good too, and I get a random day off once a week too. I’m thinking maybe a garden center coffee shop on the outskirts of Glasgow so we can park easy.
Or Juliette, I’m closer to Edinburgh if you want time out for a coffee.

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Hi I think the garden centre idea is great but I don’t feel quite right meeting without Juliette as the glasgow meet-up was her original idea. Would you mind very much if we postpone this weekend until a better time for all of us?

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Yes I can wait, sounds a better idea, and poor weather will be less likely to scupper our plans.

@pollypolly @sharonmonks Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Sorry I’m been off the radar for a while.

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Hi juliette
I’m not in glasgow at present but I will let you know when I am. I won’t mind at all if you and polly manage to arrange a meet up and I’m not able to be there.
Sending you best wishes


Hi there,

As a Welsh lass living in Glasgow, dwi isio dysgu siarad Cymraeg and not just the very few words I remember from primary school or the national anthem finally learned (albeit phonetically) a couple of years ago. I’m really enjoying the lessons even though I’ve only done a few as I find @aran and his wife’s voices strangely calming!

I’m just wondering whether or not there are any plans to try and get a Scottish group together? I think I’d appreciate the support and listening to Welsh being spoken in person and also, as I’m a full-time carer for my husband, the opportunity to get out and meet people.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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I wish Catrin felt the same way about my voice… :wink: :smiley:

@Deborah-SSi - maybe a mention in the email? :slight_smile:

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I have recently started learning Welsh, having Welsh grandparents who were fluent. Unfortunately, they didn’t pass it on! I have seen these old posts. Did you ever get a conversation group going in or near Edinburgh or Glasgow? I live in Fife.