I got another friend interested in the Spanish course, but only if it was drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. I’ve just listened to the introduction and it seems as though it’s going to be an English medium course. Are there going to be any Welsh medium courses in the future, Aran?

There are 16 sessions of SSiSpanish available through the medium of Welsh, as adapted from the English version by Iestyn - they’re available at It is I believe an adaptation of what is now known as the “Old Material” course (

As far as I know, Welsh-medium courses are definitely something we’d like to do a lot more of, it’s just a matter of having the resources to get them written/adapted and recorded! However, I’m supposed to be starting work on some fun course-creation automation soon, which will hopefully help in that area :slight_smile:

Shwmae Arianrhod
There are Welsh-medium Spanish lessons here. Only things are, it’s the old version of the Spanish course, and there’s only 16 lessons available!
If your friend would like to try them, the link is (I don’t know if there are membership restrictions here or not though).

Gavin - no, there are no membership restrictions on the Welsh-medium version. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the replies. I’ve passed the information on to my friend.

I am still looking for the SSiS forum website - assuming there is one. Probably not since my friend Google couldn’t find it either.

No, it’s not currently enabled I’m afraid. With any luck though, my experiments with Discourse over the next few days (see will go well, and the plan is to launch that as the Spanish forum first.

Thanks, Kinetic - will look out for that.

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I’ve no idea where the right place might be. If some kind soul could put me out of my misery with this sencen (lesson 15 Spanish):
Someone who told me that you have been learning for about a week = Alguien que me dijo que usted ha estado aprendiendo aproximadamente una semana = what I would like to hear, but I hear something like . . . que usted lleva aprendiendo . . . Is that correct?

Shwmae (neu "¡buenos tardes!)
The second bit that you heard is correct - "alguien que me dijo que usted lleva aprendiendo aproximadamente una semana".

Ah, thanks, Gavin. Hopefully shows that my Spanish is coming along quite nicely.

Have now completed the 25 new Spanish lessons. I thought the last lesson mentioned “exercises”, “forum” and “level 2”. Any news on that?

The Forum, you may have heard, is currently under trial. Once trials are successful and goes live on the Welsh site, the Spanish site will no doubt follow suit.
As for the exercises and Level 2, we are all still eagerly waiting - but understandably Aran has been busy with the new Welsh course, promotions for the Spanish site, online bootcamps etc. but I’m sure we will be seeing more goodies for the Spanish site in due course!

Exercises coming soon, and we’re hoping to start on recording level 2 in the next two or three weeks…:smile: