Saith seren meeting tonight

There’s a meeting tonight at 7:30 in y Saith Seren to discuss the campaign for saving the Welsh centre.

I’m just passing on a message to be honest and don’t know the exact details but if you are in the area your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I’d encourage anyone who can to get along to this - we’ve got 18 days to go until the deadline, and to be sure of keeping Saith Seren open we still need to raise about another £1k per month (so we need about 5 new monthly supporters every day to hit this goal).

There’ll be a few new articles and stories in the next few days - including a new offer of one free Thank You Pint each month for every supporter! - so right now it would be a huge, huge help for everyone to spread the word as much as possible. It’s winnable :sunny:


I’ve just seen this thread. I heard that there was a meeting tonight but wasn’t sure if it was for anyone to attend or just for board members. I’ll get myself over there!

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It was a good, well attended meeting, you can read about it at:


Thanks very much indeed for your support, Sandra :star: :star2: