S4C worldwide - quick check on who can see what, please

Hi everyone.
Just conducting a little check.
On another thread (which I don’t want to hijack for any longer :wink: ) @Sionned and @tatjana were having trouble viewing a programme on the S4C clic website that we had been discussing and which should be available for them to see outside the UK.
It is a series repeat, so to check if this has any bearing on why it’s not working on clic, could I ask anyone outside of UK to go to the S4C clic website and see if any of the Pobol Y Rhondda (NOT Pobol y Cwm!!) series programmes play ok for you.
This is a series currently on its first run, and I know for sure that it should be available on the website worldwide for the standard 35 days after 1st broadcast. (I can’t vouch for the status of every programme, only for those I worked on because I see the paperwork!)

Some programmes are, sadly, not made available worldwide from the off, but of those that are supposed to be available, it would be very useful to have feedback from you guys to check if this is the case. I will stress that this is something I’m asking off my own back and not on behalf of Cwmni Da or S4C, but if it turns out that there is an issue, I will have to bring it up with my colleagues in order to try and sort it out.
I won’t pass on any contact details or anything like that without your prior permission though.

Diolch pawb.


Helo @siaronjames. I can watch Pobol y Rhondda which was broadcasted yesterday without any problems so it all should be just fine with this programe I believe.


There is a Poll facility which may help you gather the info you need, I think @siaronjames
As you’re composing (or editing) your post, you can find it via the “Options” cog (top right above the text entry area) when using a browser. I don’t know if this applies to Apps (ychafi) :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone who has used this facility can advise you further.


great, thanks Tatjana. Maybe it is a glitch with the Cherokee repeat in that case, or the fact that it’s a repeat might just be a coincidence. Would still be useful to find out and fix it!

oooh - clever tech stuff! clever tech stuff usually does pass me by! I’ll have a look at that at some point, thanks hewrop :slight_smile:

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27 April episode of Pobol y Rhondda

I get the advert, then the advert plays again but with a line “No compatible source found for this video.” at the bottom, then it stopped and I just got the “Play” button in the middle of a black field like when an episode ends.

Clicking on that just brought up the “No compatible source found for this video.” overlay.

Germany, company network (Shh! don’t tell!), behind a firewall (which might possible be a culprit as well).

If I remember, I’ll try again from home this evening to see whether the absence of the network gateway affects things.


thanks Philip - that’s very useful to know, and it’ll be interesting to see if another check from your home this evening is any different.

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Works fine from Finland.


good to know, thanks tygerc :slight_smile:

Clicking on the link you’ve provided, @philipnewton, it plays just fine even without advert. Advert doesn’t start at all. Is that because I’ve seen it already and the program plays fine because I’ve watched it (the same edition) previously and is kind of cookie stuff which saved my visit? Not sure, but it plays great to me though.

(offtopic) **And one is drawing with the coffi! ** (if I understood it right… Come on, I wouldn’t last to draw with it! :slight_smile: (end of offtopic here …)

O boy … I forgot about this even in my “How to” thingys. Never used it probably because there was never need to use one for me.

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Thanks Tatjana. So there could be cookie stuff and firewall stuff that have an influence, possibly. Not much to be done about those from our end if that’s the case, but worth knowing about.

Works fine from Belarus:)


Works fine for me in Germany.


Great, thanks Seren :slight_smile:

Thanks Roger - Germany’s ok then, except for work firewalls :smiley:

Works for me in the US, @siaronjames. Thanks for your (official or unofficial) help!

I emailed S4C recently, because I wanted to ask for Pobol Y Cwm, and the second season of Lan A Lawr, which they didn’t run on the International site when it was being broadcast. I was told that PYC isn’t available internationally because of rights restrictions, and that they can only"retain the on-line broadcast rights for most of our programmes for 35 days following the initial broadcast, which then reverts back to the production company who produced the programme on our behalf". So no rebroadcast of Lan A Lawr - I am seriously disappointed not to be able to watch the second series. Seems like if there weren’t rights restrictions for the first one, there wouldn’t be for the second…but who knows. On the other hand, it looks like Y Detectif is running for a second time, so someone must have given permission for that.

We aren’t getting 35 Diwrnod internationally, either, probably a rights restriction thing, too. Sad since everyone seems to be saying great things about it!


Thanks Anna.

It is very often all to do with rights restrictions unfortunately. The bottom line is that licensing for worldwide rights cost more than licensing for UK only rights and so for some productions this would push them over budget. It can be very complicated, confusing and frustrating (regardless of which side of the screen you’re sitting!)


Hi Siaron,

I know it’s probably not your company or anything officially to do with you, but,

Do you happen to know why the BBC choose not to show the (all-)Welsh language version of Hinterland (i.e. Y Gwyll) throughout the UK (for example, in their Saturday evening 9pm slot on BBC4, which is almost always reserved for subtitled non-English language drama)?

Is this also likely to be a licensing thing, or is it just some kind of artistic / cultural / whatever decision by The Powers That Be at the Beeb, not to show it?

Thanks if you can throw any light on this question. :slight_smile:

You’re right, it’s not Cwmni Da and so I’m not involved but we have made ‘piggy-back’ documentaries (i.e. Welsh & English versions of same programmes). These are made on a joint commission from S4C and BBC.
As I understand it though, a joint commission does not mean that the versions are interchangeable between broadcasters - the BBC, for their part, would have commissioned the English version so wouldn’t have the rights to show the Welsh one and likewise S4C would have commissioned the Welsh version so wouldn’t have the rights to show the English one (not that they would anyway!).

Quick edit to say -
So I’m pretty sure it’s a contractual legality rather than any kind of artistic / cultural / whatever decision by The Powers That Be at the Beeb. At least I would certainly hope so!


Diolch Siaron.

OK, so a contractual legality, but presumably because of a choice they made, which could be altered with a little bit of legal negotiation, one would have thought? (If, say, it could be proved that there is a demand for the Welsh-language version outside of Wales…? (Petition, anyone…?).

(And I fully realise that nothing you have written above is in any way official or on behalf of the relevant programme makers, of course).

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