S4C international northern or southern

I am interested in what dialect differnt programs are in. I am learning southern, and what they are in would makes a differance to what i want to absorb as my basic dialect. but all identification may help.
It may be some are mixed. I am not able to tell as a beginner. It may say on the site but i dont know where. I can only watch some programs overseas.
These are my guesses

Is Cacamunci in de (southern)?
Is Charter Call in de?
Is Garddio a Mwy in gogledd (northern)?

Any help, or disscussion of how s4c works for people would be appreciated.

What I find is a mixture. Some programmes are mainly one dialect or the other. but you will hear words and accents from all dialects in any one programme. In any case all exposure is good, as you will learn both forms eventually.


One that is definitely Gog, and which is available internationally, is Rownd a Rownd. (There are some De characters though, and it can be fun to play “spot the southerner”!). It’s only 19 minutes, twice a week, so you won’t waste much time trying it, if it turns out not to be for you.

There is a southern Welsh soap, Pobol y Cwm, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s available internationally.


The lovely people in Garddio a Mwy are northern (north-east-ish, I think) - at least, the main couple are; I don’t know about the additional presenters. But they do speak beautifully clearly so I would recommend it for learners regardless of whether you’re learning north or south version. I don’t think it’s going to confuse anything.