Rhaglen Dysgwyr / Learners Show

Hi everyone,

About a year or so ago, there was a discussion on the old forum about starting a Welsh Learners podcast. From memory, there was a website set up, and a few people had expressed interested in making a segment for the show.

As a manager of an online and shortwave community radio station, I’m currently working on licensing and schedules for the next financial new year, and would love to promote the language through a Welsh Learners Podcast/Radio show.

Unfortunately, I’m having a spot of trouble finding the original post, and was wondering if the project went ahead or not? If it did, and the original creators are happy for this to happen, I’d be very interested in rebroadcasting it. And, if not I plan to create one, and give SSI a bit of a plug while promoting the Welsh Language. :slight_smile:

Also, If it did go ahead, who would be the best person to contact about it?

Diolch yn fawr,
Danny :slight_smile:

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Here it is, Danny!


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Brilliant, thanks for that Dinas. You’re a forum wizz :smiley:

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