"Revolutionary response needed to reach language target"

This is an interesting article by Prof Rhys Jones, Head of Geography at Aber. It is in Welsh, but there are a number of facilities including Google translate which give a very good idea of the gist of the page. If you don’t need a complete translation, BBC’s “Vocab” button on the top right of the page is very useful for translating long words like “marmalade and corrigated iron” :smile:
BBC article on language target


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Llangadog! :astonished: Diolch, Mike
Diddorol yn fawr iawn i mi yn arbennig. Very interestin indeed to me especially since my mother was brought up there. My great grandfather was Llangadog school’s headmaster, my great auntie Nen was a teacher there and mamgu ran the village shop. My brother and I spent all our idyllic summers there. It was entirely Welsh speaking then (50s and 60s) but the village community, including our childhood friends always took care to use English whenever we were present (in direct contradiction to that oft-quoted urban myth about Welsh people switching to Welsh only in the presence of English visitors).