"Revival of Welsh Music" - (Gwenno)

Some interesting stuff ! …

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Welsh music doesn’t need to be revived. It’s been there all along. It’s just that the London media looked the other way the last time they got bored with Cerys Matthews.


And the BBC showed a complete lack of imagination by not showing the proper Welsh version of “Y Gwyll” in England, as if there were no Welsh people living in England, no Welsh speakers living in England, and no Welsh learners living in England. Very disappointing.

(Whereas they are perfectly happy to show French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Flemish, Italian, and probably other TV shows on BBC4. I’m very glad they do show those, but why not Welsh as well?)…


Because the BBC is very biased.

Why when I record S4C programmes using Sky can I only get subtitles in English?
Why is every song sung in Welsh on S4C and watched on Sky translated into English whereas song sung in any other language are not?