I’ve got as far as Challenge 15 in Level 1 and will have to restart by going back to at least Challenge 10. I’m not really responding correctly to anything at the moment.

Don’t worry - it always feels rusty when you have a break - but it usually comes back very quickly. I’d recommend carrying on from 15 - it will feel out of control, but will be faster overall… :slight_smile:

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@davee52uk around that point there are a few really difficult sessions - I don’t know what makes them more difficult, it isn’t that there is particularly more content being introduced than before or later, but I struggled there and pushed through. You can do it :). If you do go back, you probably don’t need to go back as far as you think.

How often do you do a challenge?

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Oh, that’s a very good point - 13 and 14 in particular have got some stuff which is more complicated than it really ought to be - sorry about that! Very much worth moving on and forgetting about some of the trickier bits in there… :slight_smile:

I think 15 is difficult because it applies new structures and grammar to work done throughout the challenges. There is a slight difficulty in remembering back to challenges a long way back.

Anyway after going back to Challenge 10 and then working my way back to 15, I understand a lot more and got through 15 with most of it correct.

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Hi, I just did this same thing. I got to challenge 15, then life got briefly in the way and I had to take break from the challenges. When I came back I started at challenge 15 but felt it was going over my head.
I read this post and considered just carrying on from 15, but I chose to go back to redo challenges 10-15.
Perhaps carrying on would have been just fine for me as well - I’ll never know!
However, restarting at challenge 10 has also been good. I feel this has refreshed many of the words and structures and I also feel I’ve understood things introduced in those 5 challenges much better this second time around!