Request for Words of Song

Does anyone happen to have the words for the traditional song ‘Y Ferch o Dy’n y Coed’, as sung by Meinir Gwilym on YouTube with harp accompaniment from Gwenan Gibbard? Beautiful, but I can’t find the lyrics anywhere,


I have asked Meinir and Gwenan for you. Will post them here as soon as I get them. :slight_smile:

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Mi fûm yn gweini tymor yn ymyl Ty’n y Coed,

A dyna’r lle difyra y bûm i ynddo 'rioed;

Yr adar bach yn tiwnio a’r coed yn suo ynghŷd,

Fy nghalon fach a dorrodd er gwaetha’r rhain i gyd.

Mi listiai’n ffair G’lan Gaea’ os na ddaw pethau’n well;

Mi gymrai’r swllt a hwylio am lannau’r India bell

Mi ffeiria’ diwnio’r adar am swn y bîb a’r drwm,

Mi ffeiria’r coed a’u suon am su’r pelennau plwm

A phan ga’i fy saethu, bydd hances sidan wen

Yn goch uwch clwy’ fy nghalon - O! ewch â hi at Gwen.

A dwedwch wrth ei rhoddi yn llaw’r greulona 'rioed;

‘Gan Wil, fu’n gweini tymor yn ymyl Ty’n y Coed’.

Diolch am holi! :slight_smile:

Dyma linc i’r gan ar Soundcloud -


Ti’n seren @meinirgwilym. Diolch! XxxX


Many thanks to both of you, much appreciated. I’ve made my own translation of the words, see below: it’s a bit free but I hope it captures the spirit of the piece. I couldn’t find out anything about G’lan Gaea’ (Nos Galan Gaeaf) but I’m assuming that this was some sort of hiring fair held at New Year where one could apply for work or enlist as a soldier?

The Girl from Ty’n y Coed

One time I served at Ty’n y Coed, beside the woodland green,
The pleasantest of places that I have ever been.
The small birds sang so sweetly, the woodland whispered too,
And yet my heart was broken there, for all that they could do.

I will enlist at New Year’s Fair, should good times come no more;
I’ll take the shilling and I’ll sail for India’s far shore.
I’ll trade the song of little birds for sound of fife and drum,
And when the bullets whistle the woodland will be dumb

And when I’m shot, this handkerchief of silk no longer white
But red with blood – O take it to Gwen of cruel despite
And give it to her, saying ‘From one whom love destroyed,
From Wil, who was a servant once at pleasant Ty’n Y Coed’.

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