Relaunching Ask Dr Gramadeg: a bilingual online grammar guide

Sh’mae bawb,

Myself a colleague at have done some work over the last month on extending the bilingual grammar guide Ask Dr Gramadeg. There’s over 100 snippets of grammar that come from Swansea Bay Welsh for Adults course materials, but we’ve now added examples of how that snippet is used and included downloadable images.

It’s all completely free, and while it doesn’t replace a course like SSIW, it is a handy reference or reminder guide.

Please pop along to have a look and let me know what you think!

Neil and Patrick


Sort of related, so apologies for being a bit tenuous, but has anyone else used Ap Treiglo from Canolfan Peniarth? It’s a good handy reference for when your brain wilts and you lose faith in what you thought you knew😳