Regular/irregular etc

For months i’ve thought “these shorts forms etc are so difficult”.

For some reason today it dawned on me that English is pretty horrendous eg

Lets start easy

I walk, i was walking, i walked, i will walk

Works for talk too.Amazing. This language is easy…

Err lets try think

I think, i was thinking, i thought, i will think

Well only one change, sink will be the same

I sink, i was sinking, i sank, i will sink (why isnt sank sought?)

i shall leave out wink for obvious reasons

Ok go then

I go, i was going, i went, i will go.

I won’t go on but all of a sudden welsh seems ok!


What if I were to tell you that I would still be learning the English verb forms after all these years? They tellt me that Welsh is easier to learn than the English dialects :slight_smile:

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