Refreshing android weekly practices

I have really been enjoying the weekly speaking and listening practices, they’re great and it’s been fantastic to feel I’m getting a bit more of the language every time I use them. I have an android smart phone that I use for SSIW. I try to refresh the exercises so I have the new one for the week but I am unable to do it… it just says I’m logged in on another device, when I’m not. I wonder is this a common issue? I’ve not been able to get the current weekly exercises since start of October!
All or any help much appreciated, diolch…

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Hi Patrick

Just sign in again via the settings page and you should get the latest weekly practices.

You probably entered your username and password a while ago and the app has been “logged out” from the website. Because of the way the app interacts with the website it doesn’t know why you may have been logged out, so it takes a guess.


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And if it is a common issue for other people, please shout out.

The same goes for any other issues…

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Hiya James,
Thanks so much for the advice! It worked a treat… Just as you said, on the settings tab it gave me the option to sign in again as it was several months since I got the app… It is now refreshing the weekly practices!
I hope this helps anyone else having the same problem.

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Hi Pat

Would this error message have been more helpful to you?


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