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I’ve added some stuff here and this for I’m bumping the topic/index as it isn’t pinned (yet).

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Maybe @aran would like to do something about that? :wink:

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Great that this is pinned! Thanks to @tatjana for all the great info and all her hard work!


Thank you @aran! You rock! :slight_smile:


So, I’ve been mostly unemployed and bored this week, so I decided to try to do something (hopefully) helpful for new learners.
Having obtained permission from Aran and Tatjana, I would like to collect here some links to the most useful forum threads, so our newcomers can have a look here instead of going through all the numerous threads on the forum. I would be very grateful for any help. Maybe someone remembers a good discussion related to some particular grammar/vocabulary issues? I will be adding new links when new interesting threads appear (or when I get to the old ones)

Skype and other forms of speaking practice

A thread for people looking for skype partners and for finding best approaches to skype sessions

Dictionaries, spellcheckers and vocabulary lists Terms and words for mathematics, music and other various study fields -Online dictionary provided by University of Wales - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru
A list of Welsh idioms
Welsh pronunciation dictionary
Links to Welsh-English online dictionaries
Online spellchecker and grammar checker
Craig’s list of Welsh names for wildlife

TV, Radio
S4C TV-shows available worldwide
Dal Ati on youtube
Now you’re talking - a series of programs for learners of Welsh
A thread about radio Cymru and other good resources for listening comprehension
A youtube channel with various Welsh videos
ITV archive of videos in Welsh

Interesting podcasts for learners - a selection of podcasts on iTunes presented in one common thread.


Books and reading - books in Welsh - books available, including the ebooks - a website with a selection of articles with words translated
Bilingual reading
Reading tips - lots of books are mentioned
What to read at the beginner/elementary level - some websites selling books in Welsh are mentioned
Novels for learners
Discussion about what you reed (and what you recommend) NOTE! It’s not the discussion abotu should you read or not though
Weekly reading practice
Parallel Cymru’s Guide to Welsh focused books in Kindle and iBook’s store

Reading - Magazines and blogs
Subscription to the print version of the Golwg magazine
Parallel Cymru online bilingual magazine for all levels of Welsh Learners

Pronunciation issues
Bad accents

Different forms of the past tense
Grammar books
A thread about online grammar check
Equivalence of tenses in English and Welsh - in compound sentences

Learning problems
A discussion about problems and challenges of learning Welsh and foreign languages in general
A recent thread about fear of speaking Welsh
How to get motivated again
Learning new vocabulary
A really inspirational and useful tip (quoted in linked post)
Which lessons to do for revision

Northern or Southern
North v South
What to learn north or south
Northern vs Southern

Topics of general interest
Welsh etymology
Welsh poetry
Working memory test
Welsh onomatopoeia
Welsh music
Typing Welsh Symbols - codes


Wow Stella, da iawn!

This came at just the perfect time for me, and I am sure countless others. Do you read minds? Nah… Or else we would not need to say anything–just think in Welsh. Of course ‘in my mind’ I have a convincing accent, have marvellous discussions, and… Oh, but miss the personal touch and the joy of true conversation and friendship. You are offering one of the keys to that for us–diolch yn fawr!

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Diolch yn fawr for your kind words, Marilyn! I’m glad it will be of some help.

Oh, that’s something that I’m very familiar with:) I speak Welsh, English, Italian and French splendidly if my mind! Whereas in real life I have something that could be described as “the most perfect accent without the slightest English”:slight_smile:
Would you find it helpful to see something else in this index? Links to apps, maybe? If you think of something, write it here and I’m sure I can find the discussions related to what you need. I love categorizing:) I was a librarian in my early twenties.

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@Stella: May I suggest the following two dictionaries?

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Added, thank you very much!

Brilliantly helpful, Stella, diolch o galon! :star: :star2: :sunny:

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@stella I’ve added your post into upper index despite it’s in the same topic. Go and have alook if you like it and if it’s useful. So @aran would you inspect it too, please. I always like to know what “head” of your family thinks. :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Thanks a lot, Tatjana!

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@stella I’ve seen threads about Welsh etymology, poetry etc, in your list, but not the one about Welsh music. So you might want to add this too.

Welsh Music

the link you can copy instead of going there to copy it

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Growth Club thread added to (my) the index.

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@Stella, no offence, I don’t want to bother but you maybe should revise “North V South” section of your index. Click on your link and see to which posts the link leads. You’ve linked some topics to the specific posts but at least one is of no particular use and I believe it wasn’t the one you wanted to link to. If you would like to link the whole thread you have to go up top the topic and link the first post of it and if you want to link just a specific post you’d link the one which is useful. the links to the specific topics are those beneath the posts and not those at the top.

The example is What to learn North or South where you’ve linked to @pollypolly’s answer (just like I did in provided link) but I presume you actually wanted to link the post above or maybe the whole thread. One could scroll up and read, I agree, but still.

If I’m wrong in what you really wanted, just ignore this message or let me know.


Yes, you’re right. Fixed it.


Here’s something that might be useful to add. There is a Welsh Language App Directory website aiming to increase people’s use of apps in Welsh.


@stella this one @Deborah-SSi posted is for you to add.

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