Reading while listening

I have just battled my way through the first challenge, not to conclusion but enough to get frustrated.
I found it beneficial to read the vocabulary provided along with the lesson, is this a good thing to do?

You may get various points of view on this but all I will say is do what works for you.

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Hi Keith,

it is true that each one has to find what works best for them with this method, and there are a lot of different point of views like @robmorgan said.

However, the official suggested way to get the best out of this course is to do the lesson once without looking at the vocabulary - first.
Then read the vocabulary after (or not at all, depending on preferences but this is certainly not your case!)

This question is often asked, and there are explanations of why it is so written by Aran himsels that unfortunately I cannot find at the moment but I’ll post the link if I do)

In any case…one sure thing I can tell from my experience is that it’s important to enjoy the process, even though a degree of frustration is part of it!

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