Raise your confidence in Welsh - Live Welsh Weeks / Wythnosau Byw’n Gymraeg 🥳

Why not join us in Ceredigion for a Week of Welsh.

We held our first ever Wythnos Byw’n Gymraeg this March and the response was fantastic. See below

“I couldn’t have wished for a better experience to improve my confidence in the Welsh Language. To be immersed in the Welsh language, culture and community both inside and outside Garth Newydd lifted my spirits and my ability to speak Welsh confidently in front of people. An experience I will never forget.”


“I really liked the grammar sessions. Nia teaches the real Welsh word I want to learn. Ultimately I want to live my life in Welsh and I know this week was perfect for me.”


“Friendly Immersive Helpful at many levels”


“Diolch am drefnu wythnos mor arbennig”


“I enjoyed all the activities provided, they were well organised, interesting and lots of fun.
I enjoyed and benefited from our times sitting in the Kitchen and living room talking and listening to other people.
The house itself was clean, comfortable and homely.”


If you would like to join us please fill in this form to declare interest and I’ll get back to you