Radio Cymru Mwy

There is a new 2nd Radio Cymru starting on the 19th of September, BBC Radio Cymru Mwy:
I feel it deserves a thread. It should be available on BBC Radio iplayer. It’s probably worth listening to and supporting, for something a bit different to listen to.


Anyone know if Radio Cymru has any learners stuff?

There is Pigion - the week’s highlights for “those who are learning or have learnt Welsh” - also available as a podcast

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I really enjoy Pigion. About 15 minutes worth of 1to1 Welsh, covering three or four subjects that you can listen to again and again. One of the first snippets I heard was about a man who had 4 wives, several girlfriends and about 50 children and that many of them, and their children, were buried in a particular graveyard. 300 descendants I seem to recall. It’s those sorts of things, where you think, Did he really say that…? that encourage you to go back and listen again. Where all the hard work of learning Welsh starts to pay off.