Radio Cymru 2 - am I missing something?

Is there a reason why radio Cymru 2 almost always mirrors Radio Cymru? I find it frustrating (especially on Sundays) that there is no alternative offering on the 2nd station. Surely there is enough archive material or fresh ideas to keep both channels output different. And whilst I am whinging why does radio Cymru go off at midnight? I would prefer repeated programmes in Welsh than switching to an English Channel. If I do a night shift or hit the road early in the morning I have to listen to English radio. Why?:man_shrugging:t3:

I guess just budget.

Radio Cymru 2 just seems to kick in for a few hours to give an alternative in the mornings. Overnight, Radio Cymru has the same treatment as most other BBC channels in joining generic stations. I take your point though that they could use repeats for the early morning period.

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I suspect you are correct, budget would be the reason. Having Radio 2 at all is probably stretching the budget.

Yes i understand that, just think they could reuse archive material more and certainly repeat programmes through the night and on the 2nd station to givr an option. I could put a 24hour programme together using archive material if I had access to it.

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Have you checked out Daniel Glyn’s show on a Saturday morning? He’s one of our new Advanced Content contributors and his show is great…


I shall tune in tomorrow. Diolch.

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If you’re fancying a Welsh radio fix, and Radio Cymru/Cymru 2 isn’t to your preference, there are a couple of lesser known Welsh language & bilingual stations about. I’m sure there are more, but here are the ones I know of:

  • Capital Cymru is a youth orientated music station
  • Mon FM has wide and varied programming for the folk of Ynys Mon
  • Cymru FM is a 24hour Welsh music station

Purely for my own personal convenience, I made a ‘Radio Cymraeg’ page. Feel free to use it if it’s of any use: :slight_smile:


Thanks, thats a great Link :+1::+1:

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