Quiero practicar hablar [leccion 5, nivel 1]

[please answer one or two items, each item in a separate reply, and I’ll pick up the conversation. Please correct any awkward phrasing, or suggest different ways of saying what you think I might be trying to say.]

  1. Acabo de comenzar leccion 6. Quiero hablar con otros estudiantes de Español.
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  2. Estudio español desde hace dos dias. No estoy seguro si puedo decir lo que quiero decir. Pero voy a tratar de hablar en español, porque todavia necesito mejorar.
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  3. Tengo que practicar hablar con nuevos palabras, Porque si no practicar, me olvido como decir lo que quiero decir en español.
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  4. Me devierte aprender español porque es interante. Pero me divierte mas, si estudio con otros personas.
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  5. Deberia estudiar cada dia, porque si no estudio, me olvido los palabras.
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  6. Pienso que necesito parar hablar en español ahora. No estoy seguro si puedo decir nada mas.
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  7. Gracias por la oportunidad de hablar con usted. Pienso que irme ahora. Hasta luego!
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I speak Cebuano and Filipino, languages which have an enormous amount of loanwords that are probably from Spanish, after 335 years of colonial influence. But that ended 120 years ago, and nobody* in the Philippines speaks Spanish nowadays. I don’t know much more Spanish than a typical native English speaker knows French and Latin, despite half of English vocabulary coming from French and Latin.

*Well actually, there are half a million people in the far South around Zamboanga City who speak a Spanish-Cebuano creole, but most Filipinos don’t even know that.

I think your best bet for finding someone to practise speaking with would be somewhere like italki.com:slight_smile:

I’ll explore that. I did notice that the discussion in the Spanish forum is not too active. But the advantage of finding people here is that conversations could work around the vocabulary of lessons that everybody has done.

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Hi Frederick.
I never spent long in the Philippines, but from my brief visit there I wonder if there are perhaps families there who do speak Spanish naturally but like yourself are multi-lingual, so it’s not immediately obvious. I had a cousin there, on Siargao island, (sadly, dead now) who was Spanish-speaking, and when we were invited for a meal by the neighbour, all the conversation was in Spanish, possibly because one of the other guests was a Spanish priest. Maybe a class thing, though?: the neighbour was a senator, so presumably one of a ruling-class family.
I’m not sure whether it’s too late to answer your questions now, and I know 'correction ’ is taboo for Aran, especially when your sentences are all perfectly intelligible. But since I was an old-fashioned language teacher (now converted to the SSIW method, though) and since you are requesting changes in awkward phrasing or whatever, I’d change 3 ‘Porque si no practicar’ to ‘porque si no practico’. In 4, I’d say ‘otrAs personas’. In 6, I’d say ‘…necesito dejar de hablar…’ and in 7, ‘Pienso irme ahora.’ but of course, these are trivia which will be ironed out as you go on speaking the language. i’m only a casual visitor to this site, but if you reply to me, I’ll answer back, preferably in Spanish.

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