Quickie from a very new pupil

Hi all,
Just a quickie, I am very new to learning Welsh - have completed a 4 week introduction with “Welsh for Adults centre” and am using Duolingo. Have just started using this site having recently found it.

So far I understood “want” to be eisiau but have now encountered “moyn” here. Can someone explain which is right/better/normal in everyday use please?




Hi Pete, welcome to SSiW! They both mean ‘want’, it’s just that eisiau is the word more commonly used in the North and moyn is the word more commonly used in the South. Don’t worry though - they are both ‘right’ wherever you are, so use whichever you feel more comfortable with i.e. if you’ve got used to eisiau, you’re fine sticking with that even in the South but at least you’ll understand what moyn means if you hear it. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Croeso! Did you choose the South option from this site because you live in South Wales or by accident? If you want to change, it is quite easy to do!

Many thanks,

that explains it, I chose the South.Wales option on the site. Thanks for the prompt reply

Hi hedddraig,

thanks I chose South Wales option as that’s where I live.

Welcome to the forum, Pete, and good luck with the course… :slight_smile:

I have the same trouble. I did Wlpan 1 & 2 some years ago when my two grandchildren were in junior school. I have never come across “moyn” (I’m not even sure of the correct spelling for this), for “want.” I was taught “eisiau” was the correct term. I’ve checked my Y Geiriadur Mawr and it’s not in there either. I convinced my younger brother to start learning Welsh and told him of this site. The very first lesson: Dw i’n moyn siarad Cymraeg threw me.

Cwm Rhymni

Good luck Mike, I’m used to it now I know:) I’m just plugging away and hoping some of it sticks.

Please don’t believe that moyn is less correct than eisiau/ishe/isho. It is widely used from Aberystwyth South. It is not new. My Llangadog mother, mamgu and tadcu used it. I still recall my solicitous mamgu frequently asking "Beth 'ti’n moyn cariad? as far back as the 1940s :smile:

I’ve heard that it perhaps derives from ymofyn but, to be honest, the derivation of words is less important to me than their accepted usage. :smile:

By the way, I find that I’m using my own very old “Y Geiriadur Mawr” less and less in favour of up to date online facilities.


If you’d rather say eisiau, that’s fine - just say eisiau… :slight_smile:

The only difference is that we focus more on what we think you’re going to hear people say - but you’ll be understood whichever you use… :slight_smile:

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