Quick question. Level 2. Challenge 13

Aran says ‘I thought you said…’ ‘O’n i’n meddwl i ti ddweud…’ I’ve not seen this construction before. What’s the ‘i’ doing in there? Could I say ‘O’n i’n meddwl dwedest ti?’

Best to keep it in for the Welsh version. As you said, it means “…that…”.

The only thing is, I now find myself including the thats in English. Win/Win :slight_smile:

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In theory, I think you could say “O’n i’n meddwl y ddwedest ti …” but I’ve noticed that Welsh really likes the “i ti ddweud” kind of construction, just leaving the first part of the sentence to set the time of when the action happened, then adding a kind of timeless construction afterwards. It feels neat and uniquely Welsh :slight_smile:


Yup, what Dee said… :slight_smile:

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@CaerlanChris The construction does feel strange and I have the same want to parallel the English arrangement but it is worth working at because as @Deborah-SSi says, ‘it is neat and uniquely Welsh’ but also it is so much easier to use the infinitive than fumbling around for a particular person and tense of a verb.

You will encounter it again in the later challenges in Level 2, where it is used after cyn, ar ol and tan (before, after and until), and doubtless in other places yet to be discovered.

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Good question @CaerlanChris - and thanks to everyone for the explanation too.