Quick question about sydd

Shw mae eto pawb!

I’ve just got to southern lesson 13 with “nabod rhywun sydd” and “pwy sydd”. Apologies if this question is premature and goes on to be answered later on, but I was wondering how this fits into longer sentences. If I wanted to say a sentence such as “Do you want to go to the pub with someone who can speak Welsh?” would it be written as:

“Wyt ti’n moyn mynd i’r dafarn gyda rhywun sydd yn gallu siarad Cymraeg?”


“Wyt ti’n moyn mynd i’r dafarn gyda rhywun pwy sydd yn gallu siarad Cymraeg?”


S’mae Joel - the second example is correct - you don’t need ‘pwy’ in that context. Also ‘sydd yn’ would be shortened to ‘sy’n’ in colloquial use. ‘Sydd’ conveys ‘that is’ as against ‘mae’ - ‘is’.

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I was going to say the first example was the correct one, as you won’t need to use “pwy” in this sentence, only @guynicholson has already answered this - albeit referred to the second example, but as he explains, I’m sure he was actually referring to the first!


I agree, I think that was a typo from Guy :sunny:

Don’t overthink this one, Joel, because it doesn’t match neatly to the English - just jump in and say whatever comes to mind, and you’ll end up using it more naturally without needing to try and memorise use case rules… :sunny:

Mae’n ddrwg gen i. Maths has never been my strong point.



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