Questions on new lesson 3 and the online bootcamp

Hi everyone, I have a couple of quick questions.

Firstly, on the new lesson 3 you use bo fi for ‘that I’ but sometimes you seem to use bo fi’n. (Apologies for any spellings!)
What is the difference and when should I use each?

Secondly, I’m looking at doing the online bootcamp next month when I have some spare time and I’ve noticed from reading various threads on this forum that one of the tasks is to do each lesson consecutively without going back. It seems you can use the pause button as often as needed as long as the lesson is only done once. I currently listen to the lessons in the car while commuting so I never use the pause, but I do listen to each one multiple times.
Do you think this will be an issue for me in the way I am using the lessons?


Hi Brian,
I only ever listen to SSiW lessons when I don’t have easy access to player controls, and so have never used the pause button. I can’t claim to be the greatest Welsh learner, but I don’t feel that I was heavily penalised by not being able to pause (I used to do each lesson twice to compensate - not recommended for the bootcamp, I understand, and it was probably never necessary anyway!).

Cheers for the feedback Kev

S’mae Brian?

bo’ fi’n is just how we say bo’ fi yn. So:

Ti’n gwybod bo’ fi isio wisgi - You know that I like whisky.
Ti’n gwybod bo’ fi’n yfed wisgi - You know that I drink whisky.

Recall that some verbs like isio and angen do not have an yn before them in sentences like Dw i isio rhywbeth.

You can probably tell from the examples I am using that I am studying the Northern dialect. If you are doing Southern, the principle is the same; 'n is just short for yn. If I have confused you, post back and I’ll try to clarify!



Thanks Stu. I did think that was what it was but wanted to be sure so I knew how to use it correctly.

Sori Brian,

That first sentence should be:

Ti’n gwybod bo’ fi isio wisgi - You know that I want whisky.

I changed my example halfway through writing the post and forgot to update the English!



No problems, I guessed as much as I know the word for want, but not drink ironically :slight_smile:

Hi Brian, Online Bootcamp Lessons - The rule is no repeating the lessons, no matter how temping, WHILST doing the bootcamp as everything is frequently repeated throughout the course. The exception is the Listening Practice 1 file which once you reach lesson 5 you can use as much as you want until you reach lesson 10 when it is replaced by Listening Practice 2. Once you finish the bootcamp (that is after at least 2 weeks ‘no welsh’ rest) you can go back and revisit any lesson you want - but I found (after doing a 5 day camp earlier this year) that I flew through the repeated lessons beating Cat every time. So this time I will just stick with the Listening Practice.

I agree with Bernard - you aren’t doing bootcamp properly if you repeat lessons.
For the new course you may well find that you don;t need to repeat because the next lessons revise what you’ve already learnt over and over again.