Questions from DavidHT

Throttling is presumably because you’re sending SMTP outbound directly - sites typically use third party SMTP services that won’t get throttled, to get around this, I believe.

(Throttling’s actually not the problem, it’s where the mails get outright rejected because of rate limits, for throttling your local SMTP service should be requeuing)

Yup - we’ve got the options in place for a more robust solution, separating transactional and bulk emails - bottom line is, by the time we get to the stage where we can afford a sysadmin, we’ll be good to go with whatever flexibility is possible - but while we’re muddling through without the necessary skillset, I’m always going to play on the cautious side of things…:slight_smile:

This site isn’t doing SMTP directly; it’s using a third-party service. But I couldn’t possibly speak for the old site as it’s not something I’ve really been involved with. It is however a hosted service so I imagine they’d have something sensible set up!

Aran: you got a sysadmin for free when you hired a developer! :wink:

Aran: you got a sysadmin for free when you hired a developer! :wink:

Yeah, and I’m hoping he’ll have some free time to do sysadmin stuff oh, maybe early in 2023 or thereabouts…:wink:

We were going straight through the Rackspace cloud sites smtp for the old forum, which was our most painful time - eventually, they discontinued it, anyway. Then we were on a much more carefully restricted deal also with Rackspace - again, far from ideal. We haven’t activated bulk mail with our ‘new’ provider, but we will do at some point, probably in the not-too-distant future for some of the functionality I’d like us to offer local groups…:slight_smile: