Questions & comments about this new Forum (Discourse)

Thought it would be useful to start a topic where we can seek help on navigating our new playground. I’ve got two questions, to start:

  1. How can I send a private message to someone? When I go to my profile and then “messages,” I don’t find any way to send one. Could be that I’m using too old a browser for all the facilities to show up.

  2. If I click on “new” on a thread where I’ve already read some older posts, shouldn’t it go right to the new posts? I feel like I’ve successfully done that sometime in the last few days, but can’t seem to manage it now. Again, could be my browser.

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If anyone is keen to get more detail about using Discourse, this may be useful:

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@tahl If I click your (or anyone’s) avatar, I get the option to send pm.

Edit: But you are right, if I go to my profile, I can’t send any, only read. A bit strange. Do I need to read the manual?! No! I can’t!


It looks as though Discourse thinks that the PM folder isn’t the sensible place to go when you want to message someone - perhaps a little counter-intuitive, but I kind of see what they’re getting at, although it would be nice to have a ‘hunt/find/message’ tool in there.

Don’t know about clicking on ‘new’, but I’m finding that if I click on a thread title, it seems to be taking me to where I was the last time I was in that thread - don’t know how browser dependent that kind of behaviour might be, though…

So, I found that I can send a PM to someone by searching on his/her name, then clicking on it (or anywhere else his/her avata is visible), and using the send PM facility. That seems like the only way. Does it mean, though, that I can’t send a PM addressed to more than one user?

The location-in-thread issue may indeed be because of the browser I was using; it’s not happening on Safari.

Once you click on ‘Send PM’ you should then see a fairly standard message box, with the opportunity to add names to the ‘send’ field. It looks to me as though the lack of a ‘create message’ in your own profile is just a small oversight.

@aranjones: the “new” thing sounds like what me and @wondersheep were both reporting about the black/grey stuff not always working…

Do I get any say in how the profile background photo is cropped to fit the space? I can’t immediately see a way of doing that other than cropping the photo manually on my computer and uploading it again. Is there a way to control which parts of the picture are cropped out, or does the software just do it automatically?

ETA: Huh, now I’ve gone back to my profile it’s showing the whole picture, whereas previously the tops of several heads had been sliced off. Bizarre!

I’d still like to know though, for future reference…

I don’t immediately see how to do that, no. I guess it’s a case of pre-cropping.

Thank you - it’s adjusted itself now and is showing prety much the whole pic (I edited as you were posting), but if it does it again I’ll just crop it manually and re-upload.

How do I start a new topic? The old site seemed to be more straight forward.

Heia Anne!

You just need to press the “+ Create Topic” button at the very top of the page in order to start a brand new thread.



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Thanks Stu