Questions and request for support; new Southern Course 1-5

Hi there,

I would love some support and clarification about some stuff on the new Southern Course - that I am loving by the way :slight_smile: (see earlier post)

Just to give some reassuarnce to the designers of the course: I do get the audio fully licked before I look at any written words :slight_smile: I spend many hours in the car for my job and take Iestyn and Cat every where with me…listening and repeating…listening nd repeating all along the motorway :slight_smile: They must know Holland really well by now :slight_smile:

Here are the questions I have :slight_smile: Can anyone help? (PS: I have a record of what is on the course and when (minutes and seconds) for most of the old Course One Southern and all of the New Southern Course. Iestyn and Cat: Would you like to me to send you a copy of these docs for if you are thinking of working out notes like in the old course? You are welcome to have them of course :slight_smile: )

OK …the questions… here they come :slight_smile:

Questions New SSiW Course Southern lessons 1-5

Lesson 1:
Is this what I am hearing??
13.15 Allu i ddim I can’t

Lesson 2:
Is this what I am hearing?
14.55 Well i fi I’d better
17.10 On i’n moyn I wanted

Lesson 3:
Is this what I am hearing?
09.10 Am fis ?? -A month
13.12 Am bit i mis?? -For about a month
20.08 On i’n trio??? -I was trying
21.40 bod - that (i.e. ‘that I need to’)
(When followed by ‘i’ it changes to ‘fe mod i’??? or ‘mod I’ ???or (slang) ‘bo fi’???)
Bo fi (Slang) - That I

Recording double up:
22.50* Recording double up :slight_smile: Iestyn repeats an extra time.

Is this what I am hearing?
23.18 On i’n trio dweud bo fi’n moyn rhywbeth : I was trying to say that I want something.

Lesson 4:
Around 05.60…
Is this what I am hearing…the mutation of ‘ mwy’?
Mae gyda fi fwy i ddweud
Mae gyda fi fwy i ddysgu

And later on…
On i’n trio dweud bo fi’n joio siarad Cymraeg.
Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu am bit i mis nawr.
Hoofwn i ddweud bo fi’n newydd ddechrau dysgu. (I’d like to say that I’ve just started learning)

Lesson 5:
Is this what I am hearing?
00.30 Gallu i - I can
20.22 Stopo - To stop As in ‘to stop doing something’
Iestyn mentions the word that is learnt standardly: I hear (written down in English) : ‘pay-jer’ or ‘Pager.’ How is it spelt in Welsh?

How is ‘ meddwl’ written when it mutates as in ‘i feddwl’ ? ‘Feddwl’ ??

mmmm… maybe more questions than my friends on this forum can enjoy??? I hope not :slight_smile:

warm wishes,

Elkie (in the Netherlands)

Nothing wrong with a lot of questions!
Now, hopefully someone with better knowledge of Welsh will answer them, but until that time, here are my thoughts on them-

Lesson 1- Alla i ddim.

Lesson 2 - Looks fine to me!

Lesson 3 - Amboutu - about. (But various forms and pronunciations, as always!) And yes, “fy mod i”/ “mod i” / “bo fi”, as you say. All the rest looks fine!

Lesson 4- mutation after “mae gyda fi”. Yup!

Lesson 5 - “Galla i” - I can. “Peidio” is the relevant word concerning “to stop”.

Hope of some help until you get some better answers from someone whose knowledge of colloquial, spoken Welsh is better than mine!

Hi Owain,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sun shining over here :slight_smile: Hoepfully in your neck of the woods too!

warm wishes,


You’re welcome!

It’s pouring down here- but that makes it a nice view over the sea!

Oh, just to say as well that it’s “hoffwn i ddweud”, but that just looked like a typing error of yours! And yes, “feddwl” is how you would spell it.

Yep! typo … I make millions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Many thanks - all your answers have been saved with care and I will work them out this evening after I’ve done some work.
have a nice one… day that is…


And you!

But remember that the pronunciations and forms given by Iestyn are the main benefit of this course!

From what you’ve written, I’m thinking that your spoken Welsh must be very good, Elkie, and your listening is definitely well developed. Well done!

There’s two “corrections” that I would just like to add to Lurch’s excellent answer - they will make no difference at all to what you say, but will help you if you want to write things down!

"“about”, as Lurch says, is spelled a thousand ways (and none, probably - I’ve only ever seen it written in reported speech, never in formal writing). I spell it “biti”, as you have, but I want to be sure that you know the last i is part of one word. It comes from “am bob tu” - literally around all sides, so it can mean approximaely, as here, and also surronding.

The second is in one of your examples - “…bo fi’n newydd…”. You don;t need the 'n, because there is no yn before newydd. It’s impossible to know this from speaking, of course, because if there was an 'n, it would disappear into the “newydd” and no-one would ever know it was there!

I hope you find my information useful - they are such small details that I almost didn;t write them! - and that you carry on enjoying, and getting the exceptional results that you seem to be achieving at the moment!

Da iawn!

Iestyn: You don;t need the 'n, because there is no yn before newydd.

The way I think of this is that wedi and newydd take the place of yn.