Question on Vocab 2, Course 1

The sentence is “The four women have asked three times.”
The response is “Mae’r pedair menyw wedi gofyn tair gwaith.”

I understand that feminine words mutate after “the”. So, why doesn’t pedair mutate to bedair?.

It’s actually feminine nouns that mutate after ‘y’ - as an adjective, pedair won’t get mutated in the usual run of things…:slight_smile:

So, “Y ddwy” is just an exception to the rule?

You got it - ‘y ddau’ and ‘y ddwy’ both…:slight_smile:



Oo, look at Aran getting all grammary.

You’ve changed.

If I can confuse things a little more: numbers in English grammar can be both nouns and adjectives. I think what you see with ‘y ddwy’ and ‘y ddau’ is because the are both (ha) nouns and adjectives in Welsh as well.

When used without a noun, they take place of the noun, and are therefore mutated.

My best guess, at least.