Question from Nigel currently doing Level 1

I did use some of the challenge lesson material but had to resort to the dictionary for a lot of words – beth wyt t’n meddwl yw’r gân pop gorau erioed wedi’i gofnodi?

Now don’t worry about this Nigel, - it’s one of those things to learn from - but cofnodi means to record as in to note down, not to record as in record sound. The problem with dictionaries like the Gem ones is that they give you words without context. For a dictionary for words with context, here’s a really good one:

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thanks Siaron - good suggestion. I now have to figure out what your answer is. Definitely didn’t hear the words Adele or Elvis in there. OK. Land of my fathers? By an opera singer (Margaret Price)?

:smiley: I must admit my answer was not one I think anyone would expect!
I said I thought the best pop song ever recorded was Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau which was recorded in 1899 by Madge Breeze. At that time the song was a popular one (therefore a pop song!) and it didn’t become the national anthem until later, so that’s why I think it’s the best ‘pop song’ ever recorded! :wink: