Question: Course1 vocab bootcamp2

Hi there. Another question from me (sorry).

At 4.20, we have the sentence:

That’s how to do it.

I found this a difficult sentence, but I guessed at:

Fel 'na mae sut i’w wneud e - like that is how to do it.

I was near, because the correct answer is:

Fel 'na mae ei wneud e.

But isn’t that “like that is to do it”, which kinda seems right, but I keep wanting to put a sut/how in there.

It’s making me scratch my head and feel like I don’t understand. I’m OK to carry on and not bother if it should be in there or not, but just for my curiousity could someone explain it please.

Diolch in advance.

As someone who has already done this lesson (yn y de), I have to say I was never caught out on that one! But just listening to this again, I notice Iestyn said “how” in his sentence, but when I responded I never used “sut”!
I think this is just Welsh colloquialism in action here. It’s the easiest way to say the sentence, with it meaning the same thing in English even though not all the words are used - a bit like short forms, but not quite the same! (You’ll learn more about short forms in course 3).

It’s another one of them things that comes under the ‘don’t worry about it’ category. Whichever way you say it, you’ll still be understood.

I’m OK to carry on and not bother if it should be in there or not

Fab! :wink:

This is just another example of when the languages don’t match to each other - but bear in mind that your response would have communicated the idea perfectly, and most people wouldn’t even have noticed the difference…:slight_smile:

Dioch Gavin ac Aran. Interesting, Gavin, that you came out with the right reply and didn’t even notice the ‘how’ until now - Welsh must be fairly natural in you! Good to know I wasn’t ‘wrong’ and would have been understood anyway. Maybe when I come back to this lesson in the future I won’t notice the ‘how’ either :slight_smile: