Question about mae gyda fi

Now doing Level 1 after finishing the old courses. Okay, this is silly, but after two years of using Mae [rhywbeth] gyda fi, it’s driving me crazy to say Mae gyda fi [rhywbeth]. In fact, for some reason I am now just blanking when I have to produce these sentences! I have no issue saying it “my” way and understanding the other, just as I’m still using Sa i’n and gweud (it took me a long time in Course 2 to switch from dw i ddim yn and dweud, and I’m not going back! :slight_smile: ) However, we never used dal with this structure in the old courses.

Is it correct to say:

Mae mwy i weud gyda fi instead of Mae gyda fi fwy i weud

Mae dal mwy i ddysgu gyda fi instead of Mae dal gyda fi fwy i ddysgu

I’m sure I’ll come to terms with the new structure eventually but for now will someone put me out of my misery? :smile: Diolch!

I think it probably is fine to say it like this. But it becomes unwieldy to have more than one or two words between mae…gyda fi (so easier to switch it around once you get the hang of it). I’m sure it’ll click soon enough, it’s just a bit of of a habit breaker for your brain.




Yup, both fine… :slight_smile:

[So apparently you’re okay with it after all…;-)]


Thanks, @Kimberley and @aran!

Absolutely! I feel utterly ridiculous freezing instead of just popping out the sentences at this point in my learning :confounded:

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It happens to me periodically too so you’re not alone :slight_smile:


@AnnaC when I was on the way to bootcamp I had the idea that I’d have a listen to southern lessons (having done the northern levels), turns out I just answered the structures with the northern pattern :flushed:

What it was good for was listening. So I’d say, don’t worry if you answer instinctively with a different pattern. You’ll still learn and build your listening skills. Plus, when you come to talking to people you’ll use the structures you’re most comfortable with.