Question about Lesson 21 Course 1( Southern)

First of all , you have to have patience with me because my English is rather rusty.
I have two questions ,really .I was checking the other posts on lesson 21 and came across to blevanravestyn´s question and got confused with the answes that were given to him . He didn´t quite get what was said in Welsh for "We have hoped to see you " - "Yn ni wedi gobeithio dy weld ti ". I thought it was " Yn ni wedi gobeithio i weld ti “.My question is : if there’s a verb following another shoud I use i or dy ?
I also got confused with this : around the middle of the track there is the sentence “Are we returning home ?” I was expecting to hear " Yn ni´n mynd nol gytre?” .

S’mae mg9491?

Croeso i’r fforwm! To try to help with your first question, dy weld di is “to see you”; however, sometimes people will omit that final di in speech and just say dy weld; the point is not to worry about it too much, you will get the hang of things and fall into your own pattern after a while. If you wanted to say “I see you crying”, for example, I would use Dw i’n dy weld di’n crio.

Regarding your second question, what did you actually hear said?



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Thanks for your explanation !
What I hear is : Ydyn mynd nol gytre.

This sounds correct to me, “dy” is not introduced until Course 2.

That sounds good to me too. I’ll see if I can find the section you are referring to.

You’re right I hear an ‘ydyn’ in there. I hear “Ydyn ni’n mynd nôl gytre” I think Ydyn should be Yn.

In terms of what we’ve previously presented, yes - but you’ll often hear the fuller form, so this is a variation it’s worth hearing in the course from time to time… :sunny:

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That makes sense. I knew the ‘yn’ was a shortened word but didn’t think of that last night when posting.

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I get it . Diolch to all !

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