Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five - 16/03/18

It was in Boston that I say my one and only performance by the Blue Man Group - I have never laughed so hard!!!

I do!!! But I never went!!! :fearful:

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1) If you had the opportunity to get on stage to perform with any artist of any genre who would you chose and why? Not limited to singers and not based on personal ability.

Though I love to sing, my choice would be acting, something serious and dramatic alongside Maggie Smith.

2) What’s the last celebration dish you had the pleasure of enjoying?

I can’t clearly remember - probably a sausage roll somewhere…

3) Tomorrow I have to take my daughter to the Eisteddfod Sir yr Urdd in Bangor as she’s competing with the school choir. If you could introduce a new competition to the National Eisteddfod what would it be?

I’m with @robbruce - stand up comedy.

4) As Beuno our son was going to bed last night, he was singing ‘Y Brawd Houdini’ by Meic Stevens over and over again, I love the song, but please give me a different ear worm…

Allegro Non Molto from ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi

5) I know someone who likes to collect souvenir teaspoons, I know someone who has a secret passion for Doris Day movies and I recently discovered that someone I know is quite a dab hand at home brewing exotic wines! Complete this sentence about yourself - I’m a secret/closet…

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with birds, that I love musicals, have a passion for wines, love to dabble with amateur photography, enjoy drawing and that anything to do with interior decorating gets me all excited.

But I also collect dust and dog hair and store them in various dark corners of my home, and I am at my most peaceful, calm and happy self when I’m amongst the wilderness of nature - it heals me when I’m down.


This twenty times over! :laughing:

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I have an obsession …

Maureen recalls you were a big fan of hares, too. Have they dropped of your list? :smile:

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I guess that would make Catrin either a saint (Melangell) or a witch (I’m thinking ‘gwrach y gwyllt’ by Bethan Gwanas as my reference). I’ll let you make the call as to which. :grin: