Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five 07/09/2018

We lived briefly near Nebo on the road from Llanrhystud to Llanbedr PS. Is that the same one?
Nebo is one of the many Welsh names taken from the Bible

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It’s SSE from Penygroes, Caernarfon. I haven’t looked where the places you mentioned are, sorry.

E.T.A. I’ve just looked where Llanrhystud is … so no. Is there another Nebo in Cymru?

E.T.A.A. I’ve just checked and yes there is, but no @HuwJones, it’s the one in the north overlooking Caernarfon.

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Another question (a bit silly maybe showing I’m not too keen of pronunciation). How Nebo is stressed, on the first vowel or the second (last) one?

Our nebo = sky is stressed the last one and e is wide one.

In Ceredigion the emphasis is on the first syllable and that syllable rhymes with Bebb as in Dewi Bebb whom you may know from your rugby knowledge was one of Wales/British Lions’ best ever wings. :slight_smile:
I’d be surprised if the Gogs pronounce it differently, but you never know. :smile:


Thank you. I thought so, but It’s no harm to ask. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, wow, exciting stuff - keep us posted on how it goes (and let us know if you need food parcels at any stage)… :star: :star2:


Not yet, but if you can send a water delivery or a rain dance… :wink:


1) Did you ever skip school? Why did you do it and where did you go? If not, have you ever faked a sick day?

Yes, several times. Mostly because of bullying, sometimes because of PE, occasionally because of Maths. As our school was tight on the beach, I’d go and sit in the dunes and write terrible poetry, or sometimes sketch.

2) What is the longest you’ve been absent from home. Where did you go and what were you doing there?

To be honest, I’m hardly ever away from home. But when I was 18 I left Wales and didn’t return for any length of time till I was 27. I studied in Chichester, then lived and worked in London, Boston and for a short time in Ghana.

3) Has absence ever made the heart grow fonder?

As far as Wales is concerned? Always.
As far as my husband and children are concerned? Always
As far as the dog is concerned? Always
As far as previous boyfriends/partners are concerned? Never - absence was always a much needed slap in the face back then… :joy:

4) I have ADHD so my mind is often absent. What hinders your cognitive function and what do you do to help you focus?


5) What is currently absent from your life?

A back door without a hole in it.


It needs a hole for the key to fit in. :smirk:


A back door without a hole in it.

I feel there’s a song here:-
"There’s a hole in my back door dear Aran, dear Aran…"


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I fear not for much longer, the custom of locking it seems rather pointless considering it’s current state…


I feel there’s a song here too, Huw…

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


That incredible picture looks like the door to the Celtic Otherworld that Aran must regularly go through to get all his inspiration! :grinning: :wink:


Ot to put it in Sci-Fi terms it looks like a portal to another dimension. :smile:


@HuwJones Yes absolutely! Once you were captured by fairies, now you’re abducted by aliens.
I don’t think we’ve ever spoken directly, Huw, but I am often amused by your posts - your dry sense of humour is a bit like mine, only better (yours, that is)… :wink: :grinning:


Caredig iawn. :blush: I look foward to meeting you some time when we can check out who is drier. :laughing:


Yes it would be a very interesting meeting, but I think you would probably dry me out first! :smiley: But as I live on Ynys Wyth (Isle of Wight) it’s not likely to happen any time soon - though it just so happens that I am visiting Caerdydd for a funeral towards the end of next week…

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Now I’m more worried about the state of your house!

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I can vouch that this is not actually how Catrin’s house looks …

The door has been painted since this picture was taken.