Proud Moment! :-)

Hi all!

I did challenge 2 today, really enjoyed it… I’m on my second time going through it (I have around 10 minutes left of the second round) and I am really enjoying it!

I have been writing down the longer sentences in English to remember what is expected of me to say and it has been really helpful. I’m finding the Welsh is going through my brain even when I am sitting and doing something else (such as my knitting lol!). I know I am only on challenge 2 but I am very proud of myself today.

I wanted to thank all of the people that helped me out on my last thread and all my other threads I have put on.
Diolch yn fawr to you all! I very much appreciate your support and help!

Sws mawr pawb!
Hannah :slight_smile: x


Da iawn, really well done. It isn’t always as easy but with that attitude you’ll be speaking confidently before you know it. :dizzy:

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Fantastic start @hannah-7! And you’re totally entitled to feel proud of yourself. You’re doing really well :star2:

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Thank you both! :slight_smile: I’m going back on it again now, going to go through challenge 2 again then making it a 3rd time as I feel I will benefit from repeating this one :-). I’m really enjoying learning and having access to this forum really helps. Thank you so much, it means a lot :slight_smile: x


Huge congratulations, Hannah!

It’s very normal to want multiple repetitions at this stage - it’s usually not necessary, but it does have that extra comfort factor… :slight_smile: If you find yourself pushed for time later on, don’t worry about moving on when you’ve only done one run-through… :slight_smile:

I’ve had the tooth brushing song (Cân brwsio dannedd!) from S4C’s Cyw segment stuck in my head FOR FOUR DAYS now.

Brwsio i fyny a brwsio i lawr… brwsio pob un dant yn awr…


Diolch Aran! I have around 20 minutes left of my 3rd run through of challenge 2 lol! Once I have completed the 3rd run through I will mark it as complete. I’m really enjoying the whole experience!x

@stephenbranley yes lol! I had ‘I can’t remember’ running through my head whilst I was doing my knitting last night lol! x

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