Pronunciation of "I ffwrdd"

Hi. I am on Lesson 17 of Course 1 (North). Regarding “i ffwrdd” for “away”. You appear to pronounce it as “i ffwr”. Is this a Northern version and written this way, or is the “dd” always written but is silent?

You can use - i ffwr or i ffwrdd I’ve learnt something as well: I always thought - away - was i ffordd/to road…Diolch!!!
Oh! there’s a Rochester monthly meet-up which might be of interest to you.

You’d always write it as ‘ffwrdd’, but you’d only usually hear the ‘dd’ in speech if someone was speaking particularly carefully… :sunny:

See also ar y ffor’ as a common pronunciation of ar y ffordd (on the way).

It seems (from my very patchy observation and listening) that very often a “dd” at the end of a word doesn’t get pronounced. Which makes sense since it is hard to make that sound heard at the end of a word or sentence. Does it depend on what sound comes after it? In other words, would you be more likely to hear it if the beginning of the next word was a sound that would follow “dd” more easily than not?

Mm. Maybe! Can’t think of any good examples, though…

You can’t avoid it in “ffordd ddu”