Pronouncing "I meet "

I am only in the level one category, but I have noticed a difference in the pronunciation occurring challenge 11 or 13 level one. When either Catrin or the man says “I meet a man” Catrin says it like Mercy the man says it like Mershe. Is there a difference between whether a man or women says it ?
I am from Australia and I am certainly finding learning this beautiful language a real challenge.

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Different pronounciations generally occur because of regional/personal preferences (just like potaytoh/potahto, tomayto/tomahto :wink: ) so nothing to do with whether it’s a man or a woman saying them. You’ll come across lots of examples in spoken Welsh :slight_smile:


Hi there, Im on level 1 and learning from Australia too. Wollongong NSW . Cheers, Linda

I am certainly finding learning Welsh a very difficult challenge and I don’t feel confident that I would be able to engage in conversation. Thanks for letting us know that there some people who are trying to learn to speak this incredible language and am so glad that I think it will not die out.

You’re not alone there - I’d say the majority of people feel this when they’re starting out (and some still feel it when they’re perfectly capable of engaging in conversation!). But the absolute best thing to boost your confidence and to help the learning process is to engage in conversation even when you feel like this. Remember, you don’t have to know every word or construction you need, just use the little bits you do know. Even if you start of with a conversation in English sprinkled with Welsh words, that’s fine - and the more you do it, the more your confidence will grow, and it will in time swing to a conversation in Welsh sprinkled with English words (which is also fine!)

There’s no doubt about it, it can be a difficult step to take, but in order to swim you have to get in the water :wink: