I’m feeling really happy with myself today, I spoke the most Welsh in a public place ever! Went to my local monthly meeting. It wasn’t much and there was some English words but definitely more than I’ve managed before. It just gave me such a buzz to have done it.

I saw on Arans survey what is your challenge with Welsh or words to that effect and my answer would be having the confidence to try and say something in the first place as well as finding people to chat to on a regular basis. (I’m not sure I’m brave enough to Skype I’m not keen chatting on phone in English never mind welsh.)

We’re off to the eisteddfod so hopefully find more opportunities there.

Also started challenge 20 of level 1. Have also done 15 lessons of Welsh for the family.

Diolch SSIW :smile:



Now you know how I feel when I manage to tweet something. Excited, eager for more, hungry for more!

Well done and now only go forward, forward! Don’t be afraid even to skype if you find someone you’d like to chat with (Sadly this is not me - not yet …)

O boy, I’m so excited as if I’d speak in a public!
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :star:


Excellent! Many, many congratulations. I love the sound of a new Welsh speaker inching their way out into the light :star: :star2:

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Hi Theresa - You’ve been capable of this for some time now, all you’ve been waiting for is the confidence to just let it all out. Remember to take advantage of all those little opportunities you get to say a few words at Cylch Meithrin and with your daughter - that’ll keep you ticking over nicely until the next meeting!
Well done!