Progress report—Spanish

Mis Amigos,

Made a brave start with the first 15 lessons done this week with barely pressing the pause button.

Here’s how—I have had my hands full, knitting…

Here’s why—it is freezing, so my husband wants a long, warm scarf…


Yesterday I hit a wall at Lesson #19. About 10 minutes into it ‘nada’, so I left it for a few hours. Then I realized what was bugging me: ‘qué le parece?’ near the end of #18. It just didn’t fit the pattern I expected so got in the way of my ability to concentrate. Today the wall crumbled and hey presto, I finished up to the end of Lesson #20.

My goal… to complete the First Level Spanish in a week while the snow is still cramping my style outdoors. Not sure I will quite make it, but it will be close. Oh, and the scarf is really long now, but that too continues :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be the knitting pattern…?


Very nice!!!

Just one more lesson tomorrow to meet my goal of completing Level 1 in a week. The snow is turning to rain and scarf is almost finished… good timing :wink:


I hope you’re EXTREMELY proud of yourself - that is a startling speed of language acquisition! :star: :star2:


Lo hice—muchas gracias Aran!

Si! Level 1 Spanish in a week—this is truly amazing, but I think I benefitted from doing the Welsh. Maybe it is a confidence thing, because I know this SSi method works so just trusted the approach.

After Lesson 25, going straight through, there remained 3-4 phrases I still struggle with, specifically:

  1. ‘usted lleva apprendido’—the lleva trips me up every time
  2. ‘Quisiera’ versus ‘a ella le gusta’
  3. ‘Qué la parece’—my nemesis.

But, that’s still incredible and easy to work on.

Hasta luego,

PS and look at the length of this… will finish it today for sure… :scarf:


That’s just such a superb achievement - huge, HUGE congratulations! :star: :star2: :heart:

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