Progress? or jumping in the deep end?

I have just been reading the experiences of the Northern Bootcamp so my experience this week seems quite tame in comparison. I noticed that there was to be a presentation at the National Library in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the flooding of the Nant y Moch valley to make the reservoir after the chapel and farmhouse had been pulled down. The event was to be in Welsh, entry free but by ticket. I called in on Monday and using my best Welsh asked for a ticket. The reply started with yn anffodus so all my prepared work went out the window and the rest flowed over me. I hoped she was saying I could get a ticket on the day which didn’t turn out to be quite right but I did get in after a bit of toing and froing. Luckily I didn’t know anybody there! I didn’t understand all of it but quite a bit and it was very interesting. Afterwards I went back to the ladies in the Reception/Shop and thanked them and said it was very interesting (in Welsh of course). Next time I will try on the phone (scary)or on-line.
My husband and I have been asked by the local choir to be President and Lady President at their summer BBQ in July - what an honour! I thought I would try and say a few words in Welsh. My tutor at evening class has said he will look over my ‘speech’ and let me practice on the class. If anyone has any suggestions of what I can say they would be gratefully received.


Definitely progress! Jumping in and having a go is they way to get better even if it doesnt always work out as planned…

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That sounds like a very brave and important step forward - well done, Teresa! :star: