Progress I think

I took my daughter to the last day of the Welsh show and had two opportunities to practice my Welsh. The first I said you when I meant she but the guy seemed to figure what I meant cause he replied with she. He was from Welsh language development or whatever its called they work with businesses to help them improve their use of Welsh.
The second was a lady from Twf.
Small encounters but def mean I’m heading in right direction.

I’m a Homecarer and one of my new clients is a Welsh speaker so for an hour a week I have the opportunity to practice, the challenge though is he is North East Walian and says he speaks local dialect added to which his English accent is Liverpool so this could be fun :smile:


I think I know who you mean. He’s a bit of a handful, and yes he’s from the far north east where the accent merges into Scouse. He claims that his Welsh is not proper Welsh because it’s full of slang and dialect words, but you’ll hear the same from people right across Wales, so there’s nothing really special in his case.
The good thing is that he doesn’t bite, and he’ll be very helpful if you can convince him that his Welsh is as valid as anyone else’s! :smiley:

BTW, he’ll also tell you that people from Flintshire don’t mutate, and then he’ll go ahead and mutate without even noticing that he’s doing it. That’s the sign of a real native speaker!


This kind of small encounter is really the key to it all, so you’re doing exactly the right thing… :thumbsup: