Problems receiving the Weekly Email

I’ve just grabbed a couple of posts from another thread and put them here, as we were discussing the weekly email and that was nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

From @glynsig
On this subject I know my newsletter goes in to the spam folder and I
keep clicking ‘not spam’ but then I get a security message saying this
email cannot be considered safe to open. I am assuming that even though I
have said it is not spam or junk mail that because of the security
issues it still gets put into my spam folder. Any advice on this?

From @dee
Frustratingly I’ve been having the same problem for several weeks now!
But I’ve gone into my Contacts and added as a
new contact, so I’ll find out tomorrow if that has worked. Croesi

From @dee
OK, I should have read Aran’s message more carefully and added to my contacts! (Kicks self!) Without the
‘welsh’ bit in the email address it had no effect and the weekly email
went into my spam folder yet again. Next week I’ll test it again with
the proper address this time. It’s only just started happening for me
over the last few weeks. I think gmail must have changed its algorithms
or something, but it’s very annoying!

From @glynsig
I have added the address to my contacts but this is what I get as a message…

Be careful with this message. Our systems couldn’t verify that this
message was really sent by You might want to
avoid clicking links or replying with personal information.

which is worrying!!!

Is anyone else having this issue? I have received that warning message as well, a few weeks ago now, and I couldn’t click on any of the links in the email. Since then the email has been fine, but keeps going in my Spam folder, even though I click to say “Not Spam” every time. If adding to Contacts or your list of approved senders (white list) then I’ll have to start reading through the FAQ or Help section of the email distribution softward that we use to send the emails out.

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I have received an odd warning message a few time recently.

I have just put in a query to Aweber (our auto email system) to see what we / they can do about it.

Thank you for raising the subject - it’s a bit of a worry as we become so much more aware of internet threats!

@glynsig - could I just confirm, do you receive your email through Google (ie Gmail or Googlemail)?



Oh irony! You are all getting valuable messages junked and this very morning I got spam in my mail box, which, fortunately, I knew enough about to mark as junk and ‘block sender’ before deleting! Rownd a rownd we all go! :wheel_of_dharma:

Yep, all weekly emails go the spam folder.

Same here. Weekly emails are going into the spam folder, despite repeatedly clicking “not spam”. Putting in my Contacts didn’t help either.

The problem is Aweber. The emails come from them not, so adding to your contacts doesn’t help. Also, all the links are click throughs via Aweber. This is how phishing scams work. Any good spam filter should catch things like this. The system Aweber uses has spam written all over it. They break every rule. It’s a wonder it took Gmail so long to start flagging it. Iestyn has the right idea ask Aweber their thoughts. Maybe they can come up with a solution.

But they’re also one of the largest email providers around, and have had very high delivery rates for us over the years, so I would imagine that what we might be seeing here is an algorithm shift somewhere that they need to catch up with - although I’d be interested in hearing what rules they break (apart from the click throughs, which are a fairly widespread measuring tool).

I keep getting them in the spam folder for quite a while already but when marking them as not spam I never get another warning. What actually happens is that next time I’m gettin gthem into spam again. However (at least this is my experience) gmail really doesn’t let many spam through so I check spam folder evey time I come on Gmail and I can easily find SSi newsletter there, mark it not spam and “Important” what lets me put it into Inbox every time I do so. The more problem would be that mail wouldn’t reach my (and actually ours in that matter) mailbox at all and we wouldn’t even get it.

As Gmail lets me put SSiW newsletter into Inbox without any additional warning and I always can read it with no problems I didn’t put too much attention to this and didn’t issue all this as too big technical/safety problem at all.

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I keep marking them as ‘Not Spam’, but they keep going in the Spam folder anyway. I haven’t tried marking them as Important though. Maybe that will help.

It didn’t do the trick for me until now, but if I’d be persistent marking it important every time I’m getting it from the Spam folder Gmail might eventually remember that.

The “From” field of an e-mail is just a text field. You can out anything you want there. The e-mails have "" in this field. But the actual e-mail is being sent from and all the links route to These are the tactics used by cyber criminals to run their scams. Pretend to be from someone reputable but making links to viruses and phishing scams.

As scams get more aggressive, so must spam filters. One thing aweber could do is offer email aliases, so the “From” field matches the domain distributing the e-mail. Say in this instance if was in the “From” field, the spam filters would probably let it through since the domain names match. Any replies to this address could be forwarded to your actual e-mail address.

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I’ve had an initial message from aweber suggesting that I use an email checking service, which noted only two problems, one a broken link (which I’ve tested and it isn’t broken, but may be geo-blocked) and the other is that aweber are apparently greylisted on a spam database. I guess that’s prbably the same for any bulk email company.

However, I receive other aweber bulk emails with no problem, and significantly, receive the test email (which you can send to just yourself in order to check that everything is as it should be) without any spam filter shenanigans.

So, quick question for anyone looking here: What email provider are you using (whether you get spwm problems or not).

EG - I use gmail, and am having the spam problem. If you use yahoo and are having no problems at all, then it would be helpful to know as we try to narrow this down.

Diolch yn fawr!


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I’m getting the emails through which is only a forwarding service (currently) to gmail. And all weekly emails are going to the spam folder.

My computer is using Outlook, part of microsoft Office, I think. I don’t get my n/l junked! But for those who do, could they list aweber as a contact?

Thanks for the details, Craig, much appreciated. Do you know of any bulk email providers that operate differently?

Aweber should be able to fix this, or at least guide you in how to fix it.

What’s happening is that the email receipient (gmail, hotmail, whoever) looks at the from field ( and then attempts to verify that the mail server associated with actually sent the email. But it can’t, hence gmail puts it in spam with this message

This is all fixable with various bits of DNS fun and games (DNS being the system that converts into a physical computer).

mailchimp don’t have this problem e.g. every week I receive an email sent from via mailchimp, and it never goes to spam.

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Do you use as real email accounts? Or do they get redirected to a gmail/hotmail/other account?

Also, is a real email account?

Could be related to this

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post@ is real, but (as will all the others) forwards to a set of other accounts - but if it was central to the issue, I’m sure we could set up a real post@ mailbox…

@tygerc and @henddraig - diolch!

@jamesmahoney I’m not sure that that is the problem, because I am receiving emails from, through Aweber (and through the same Aweber account at that) with no problem at all. I’m assuming that the helo@deryn etc email address works in exactly the same way as the post@SSi address.

However, I got to a quite early point in the linked article and started to glaze over, so it could be that I am missing the crucial information…!

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