Problems downloading lesson 2 of course 1

I am trying to download lesson 2 of course 1 (southern, iPhone app). I can download all of the rest of the lessons. I’ve tried the work around suggested in the settings tab but to no avail. Any ideas?

Shwmae Helen.

I have just tried this this on my own iPhone and it worked ok. Downloaded, and played.

Is this for the old course or the new course (labelled as Challenge 2)?

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Old course. I’ve been a bad Welsh learner and haven’t touched my lessons for over a year. I want to go back and redo the earlier courses

If you have all the other lessons already, just not lesson 2, how about streaming the lesson online when you come to it?
Or, if you want it on your iPhone, why not download the lesson on your computer, put the file on iTunes and add it to your Music app?

I did the last option with the entire course for when the app went up the creek after one iOS update we had (I think it was iOS 7!).

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I normally do them in the car which is why I didn’t want to stream it - but I’ll do that for this lesson. I did search for the podcasts to download which is how I used to listen to them but I couldn’t find them on iTunes anymore.

You won’t find them on iTunes, you need to physically import the file into iTunes. The problem is it will probably be under some unrecognisable track title! So just try a few keywords in the search bar at the top right of the screen until you see it, then click on it twice (not double-click, but a short gap between the clicks), it should highlight. Failing that, right-click it and select “get info”, then change the title to something you will find easily. Then sync it to your iPhone.

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if you try the workaround a few times (mixed in with force closing the app) it /might/ work. Failure to download a single lesson that other people can download sounds a lot like there’s between a tweak to this specific lesson and your app is still clinging onto to the name of the old one.