PRIDE - the new film

Just come in from watching Pride, the true story of solidarity between a London gay community and striking miners in Powys. It’s a simple, beautiful film that has the ability to restore your faith in humanity. Dal i gredu.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this when I get a chance. Glad to hear it lives up to my expectations.

It was brilliant. You won’t be disappointed.

Just saw the trailer and I’m super excited to see this film now. Diolch for the tip! :slight_smile:

Hope to see it when it arrives ar the Ritz, Belper

Lovely film. Laughter, tears and a great chunk of inspiration about solidarity and not giving in. See it if you can.

One thing bothered me - in the closing credits there were descriptions of what happened next to some of the real people whose stories the film was based on, including of one of them going on to get a degree in Welsh - and yet there were literally two words of Welsh in the film that I noticed, and until the credits I had assumed that the Welsh bits were set in a completely non-Welsh-speaking area.

Does anyone know if Onllwyn, about 10 or so miles NE of Neath, would have been completely anglophone in the 1980’s? If the film has written out the use of Cymraeg (to avoid confusing the English?), it’s still a great film, but I’d like to know …

I thought that, and decided it had been done for the mainstream English/American market. But you’re right, it would be good to know.

“Does anyone know if Onllwyn, about 10 or so miles NE of Neath, would have been completely anglophone in the 1980’s?”

Erm… No reference to any censuses, surveys or other things needed in order to say that the answer to that question is “no”.

However, this is not the only film/series/play/whatever set in Wales to not represent the amount of Welsh spoken in Wales. It doesn’t do to frighten the horses.

[edited to add- heard on radio 4 an interview with the director where the interviewer asked the director about the complete lack of Welsh actors in it. Not something that had bothered me when I heard about it, I have to say! But however good the accents are, far less likely to be any Welsh in it with an all English cast. And presumably English writer? I shall check on imdb…]
[edited to add- Stephen Beresford. English writer. Good luck to him, no reason an Englishman can’t write a play set in Wales and by the sounds of what people are saying it is a great film!]

On a random note, I’ve just discovered that the actor playing Mark Aston is an American. Flawless Northern Irish - didn’t you think?

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This movie finally made its way to Finland and it was excellent.


We just got the film in our local movie theatre this week (rural Western Australia). I loved it. I took both my boys to see it. When my youngest asked me what Nadolig Llawen meant I was tickled pink to be able to tell him Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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Shwmae Wendy! Glad you enjoyed the movie but also rather impressed you got to see it in rural WA! If you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts do you live? I’m in Perth :slight_smile:

I’m impressed it got to Finland! Definitely one of the best films of the year. Did Mr Turner get to Finland?

Wel wel, shwmae Amy :slight_smile: Dw i’n byw yn Narrogin.

Okay, that’s about as much as I can manage in Welsh for the moment :blush:

We have a lovely movie theatre in Wagin (the Little Gem), about 50 kms south of Narrogin. It seats around 100, but it has air conditioning, so it is a popular venue on the summer holidays with my children.

Have you been learning Welsh for long?

Narrogin, jiw jiw! We lived there when I was just a baby before we moved to Goomalling, and I’ve gone through Wagin a few times on holidays to Albany :slight_smile:

If you get a chance, there’s a SSiW Australian skype group that meets up once a month - next meet-up will be Thursday 8th January, at 8.30 EST (5.30 in the west). Tagging @elizabeth_jane who runs the group - I think if you link with her on skype that’s the easiest way to get in the group? We’re a real mix of old timers and new :smile:

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Yes, in December actually. I haven’t seen it, I’m really more The Avengers 2 kind of person (and we will have it this year! It’s 2015! Yay!)

Yes, do get in touch if you want to join us. I can the. Include you in the call.

Diolch Amy :slight_smile:

My father is from Seven Sisters and my Grandparents lived in Onllwyn at that time and most people living there spoke Welsh then. Not sure what the situation is like these days.

I’ve just updated my Skype Account and searched for you so that we could connect. There are a few Elizabeth Corbetts so I’m not sure, however there is only one Wendy Sargeantson in Narrogin. Would you be able to connect to me :smile: Also, I only have the free version, do you know if that will be sufficient?